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Kerstin Freund

I want my paintings to convey the endless joy I feel when I am creative

I have always been fascinated by nature and felt connected to it. Capturing nature’s beauty and harmony and particularly how light transforms landscapes and seascapes into something magical that is changing every minute inspires me. I want the viewer of my art to be able to experience these emotions.

I love to paint with oil to create realistic works that still reveal individual brush strokes and marks on closer inspection.


I am an Adelaide based artist and paint part-time in my home studio. Art has always been an important part of my life. I started drawing at an early age in Germany, with pencil and ink on paper, mainly inspired by M.C. Escher and Moorish architecture. Later I started to paint with acrylics and watercolour. My move to Adelaide re-ignited my love for art and I enrolled in classes to paint with oil. I love the texture of oil paint, and enjoy using both brushes and palette knives. I am fascinated by Australian landscapes; their diversity, beauty and stunning colours and in particular capturing patterns and reflections in water. Equally, I am drawn to anything old and rustic. I like to challenge myself by trying out new mediums and techniques and am constantly on the lookout for new subjects and inspirations. I also love travelling, which for me has changed completely as I now look at everything differently and get inspiration for new paintings by the sights I encounter.
Still working full to part-time, I try to steal as much time as possible to spend in my studio and love to share my work and journey with you.

"To me painting is picture making. I am not that interested in painting that doesn’t
depict the visible world. I mean, it might be perfectly good art
it just doesn’t interest me that much.
David Hockney, Audio Arts 1978"


2018 Sarah McDonald’s Art School Exhibition “My Object
2018 Royal Adelaide Show Art Prize Exhibition
2019 Royal Adelaide Show Art Prize Exhibition
2020 The Show At Home Art Exhibition (virtual)

2021 Victor Harbor Art Show

2021 Clare Rotary Art Show

2021 Sarah McDonald’s Art School Exhibition “Inspired by.....”, Hughes Gallery, Fullarton, Adelaide

2021 Royal Adelaide Show Art Prize Digital Exhibition

2021 SALA Exhibition - "Creative Fusion at the Port", British Hotel Port Adelaide

2022 Victor Harbor Art Show

2023 Victor Harbor Art Show

2023 Solo Exhibition - Natural Beauty, Hey George Community Cafe, Goodwood

2021 Sarah McDonald’s Art School Exhibition “Fearless.....”, Hughes Gallery, Fullarton, Adelaide
          Friday 12 May to Sunday 4 June 2023 

2023 - SALA Exhibition - Elements of Art, The Warehouse Theatre, Adelaide (August


Honorary Mention, 2019 Royal Adelaide Art Prize Exhibition

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